Media & Religion Workshop / Oct. 31, 2008

Religion in the Race for the White House

Religion in the Race for the White House

AAR Religion and Media Workshop, Friday, October 31st

Chicago Hilton Towers, 9:30 AM - 5 PM

Forty-seven years after John F. Kennedy became the first successful Roman Catholic contender for a White House previously occupied only by Protestant men, Americans again have watched candidates for the White House publicly confront questions about their religious beliefs. Scrutiny over both Mitt Romney’s and Barack Obama’s respective church affiliations dominated early and late primaries. More recently, the Pentecostal roots and evangelical credentials of Republican Vice President nominee Sarah Palin have raised questions about how her beliefs would influence public policy. In this charged atmosphere, the Religion and Media Workshop invites you to discuss Election 2008 with nationally-renown reporters and scholars. Sessions include:

Making Religion in the Public Square
When "Mitt’s a Mormon" Is News
Race and Religion in the Race for the White House
Roundtable on Evangelicalism and Politics
Transatlantic Perspectives on Election 2008


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Kaley Carpenter
Jenna Tiitsman